The Hottest New Toronto Clothing Brands

Sick and tired of all the brands you see at the store? It seems that day in and day out the brands of the best clothing available never change. However, this isn’t really the case as there are new Toronto brands hitting the street. You might want to catch a glimpse of what they have to offer while they’re still hot and new:

Sully Wong

Henry Wong and George Sully combine to make a fashion brand that fuses together East and West, American and Asian, into one. They specialize in everything from fashion bags to accessories but one of their more recent endeavors are a pair of desert boot sneakers.

These sneakers are the product of collaboration between the two and with famous designer Karim Rashid.



Here’s a brand that proves you don’t need to come from a high-estate European family to be a world-class fashion designer. Sherise Cromwell taught herself and yet her designs are taking the world over.

The brand specializes in swimwear, jewelry, and apparel so if you want to look exquisitely astounding at the pool then this is the brand that you’ll want to go with. You won’t find REESE items at any designer shops at the mall however because it is only sold online.

Outclass Clothing

Here’s a fashion brand emerging from Toronto that’s really making big waves. It focuses on menswear but it won’t resemble anything you’ve seen at the mall but your parents might find something to reminisce on; this is because Outclass takes retro designs and then modernizes them for today’s standards.

Everything from this brand has an oldies’ look to it but they also seem to fit just right in today’s world. If you want to look hip and cool without exactly dressing like a hipster then this is the brand for you.

outclass clothing

Jennifer Torosian

No list of emerging Toronto brands is complete with mentioning Jennifer Torosian. The brand is actually designed by two people: Jennifer Torosian herself and her partner, Raed Ali. The brand focuses more on dress clothing than it does anything else but these aren’t your typical office clothes – they come in style.

The Best of the Best

There are many other hot new Toronto clothing brands such as Sons of Odin, Yo Socks, elen+castor, and others. Most of them focus on online retailing since that is pretty much where today’s market is growing. No longer do you have to stick to the everyday Aeropostale or Nike because there are new names to try, new designs to fit into.

How to Paint Your Toronto House So It Looks Stunning

Of course it goes without saying that you must know the fundamentals of house painting first, but even assuming that you do, how does one choose the colors, the styles, textures and so on and so forth? Naturally a lot of these will boil down to your personal preference, but if you’re just not sure where to start and want a guide, the following tips might help.  I’d highly recommend hiring a professional painter in Toronto to do the actual painting, as that will save you a ton of time and money.

Cream, Not White

Given a choice between white and cream, it’s almost always better to use cream because it’s more subtle. This is especially true if you’re going to paint the ceiling. Unlike white, which has a tendency to overpower other colors, cream actually complements them.

Find the Right Shades and Colors

There are different ways to paint your house, but don’t match the wall color with the hues of your fabrics as it will appear out of sync. If you really want to use that color for your wall, choose a lighter shade so it doesn’t overpower the rest.

You also need to strive for neutrality. It’s easy to get carried away with the colors, but it’s important you don’t use too many otherwise the interior will look like a rainbow. Use only one primary color and two or three as support, and don’t forget to add neutrals if the colors seem too strong.

Aim for Continuity and Harmony

It’s all right for rooms to each have its own identity, and they don’t necessarily have to use the same primary colors. Even so, there should be a similar color or design here and there to promote the feeling of continuity and harmony within the house. While this can be achieved by using furniture, the same effect is possible using paint.

How to Use Contrast Properly

As mentioned earlier it’s essential that you use neutrals, but you need to use contrast as well. There are many ways to do this but the simplest is the dark and bright concept. For instance, if the walls are mostly creamy in color, make sure that there is a dark shade here and there to break it up. Contrast is something people usually don’t pay attention to and it’s a shame because it really adds style. Even if you’re a fan of a particular color, don’t hesitate to add a contrasting shade every now and then to avoid monotony.

painter toronto

Don’t Use Too Many Colors

Unless you want your brand new Toronto home to like a toddler’s room, avoid using too many colors at the same time. As pointed out earlier, use just a single primary color and a couple of supporting hues, although you can get away with a two-color scheme provided they’re not too bright. If you opt for a two-color scheme however, you’ll need to provide some relief so it doesn’t appear flat.

Try Different Palettes

If you can’t make up your mind what color to use, experiment with your palette, and remember that as the interior evolves and changes, the color may need updating too. The good news is there are several apps now available that can help “design” a house down to the colors, which can really be helpful.

Depth and Finishes

Always go for a high luster finish because dark colors almost always come out looking flat. However, it’s also important there’s a good preparation otherwise the finish won’t come out right, so skim coating is recommended. The time it takes to prepare the walls may seem tedious, but it’s essential and will provide a nice rich glossy finish similar to lacquer.

Besides the finish you also need to consider the depth, because deep colors have several hues. To avoid the odd fluorescent look, only paint colors with depth and don’t forget about the secondary blends too.

Painting House Exteriors

A few notes here about painting house exteriors: do it during the summer time and you must be willing to spend on quality paint. This is going to cost more initially, but you won’t need to paint repeatedly and it will last several years, so you’ll save money.

Paint doesn’t stick well to rough and dirty surfaces, so clean, trim, dry and sand as thoroughly as possible. Finally, remember to scrape or sand areas with peeling paint so the surface is even, allowing paint to stick.